.....The Baltimore Ravens may be heading to the Super Bowl, but they're simply this years "getting hot at the right time" team, who I give zero chance to win against the 49ers.  

.....Manti Te'o may not have originally had anything to do with the whole dead girlfriend hoax, but he definitely lied about some things and clearly tried to take advantage of the situation in order to boost public support for his Heisman campaign.

.....Bill Bellchick may not be the nicest person in the world and may not be willing to give alot of interviews, but like him or not, he is still one of the greatest coaches in the history of sports and the Patriots are always near the top of the standings no matter who is in the lineup or what the situation. True, they haven't won a Super Bowl in a while, but how many teams would love to be as consistent as New England and at least have a chance every year.

.....The NHL may be back on the ice, but this lockout may have a larger negative effect on the league than the owners anticipated when they decided to go the lockout route.


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