...Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails and messages encouraging me to keep the blogs going and updated more often. I have always intended for the site to be kept up to date and use it as my way of getting my writing out there in hopes of making the difficult transition from my tedious day job to a fulfilling career that I would actually enjoy. Working in sports in some capacity has been a lifelong dream & goal of mine basically since I was in Kindergarten, but as most of you know, life doesn't always go as we planned and bills need to be paid. It can be tough to juggle a crappy job & 2 kids while trying to operate an online store and this website all at the same time, and lately I'm having some difficulty keeping up with games and I would rather say nothing than spout off about something I didn't even see! With all that said, I want to thank all of the regular readers for their patience, and I will be attempting to set up a regular schedule for all blogs, or maybe just one for everything, that way I can always update it at the same time every day or a few times a week.

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