Well, I thought that going into Thursday's matchup between the Bears and the Packers many people were trying to make you, and me, believe that Green Bay is in trouble and that the new offensive Bears would be able to put them down 0-2. But, if you took my advice, you are happy today. Not only did the Packers do exactly as I expected, The Rutgers Scarlet Knights also came through with a big win for me for a perfect night. Shortly after the Rutgers/SFU game ended, I made my next pick via Twitter for Friday's NCAA matchup between Washington State and UNLV in Las Vegas,NV. I suppose I wasn't really going out on a huge limb with this pick, and 35-27 isn't exactly a blowout, but hey, I got the Cougars at 7.5 so a win is a win.......isn't it?
Here is what I tweeted out last night (Thurs)
I hope to have some updated selections for the NCAA early games within the hour. Keep in mind that I will not be posting picks for every game and some games will not have a preview attached.

These picks are intended for recreational use and The Sportsking is not responsible for any wagers made or bets placed based on these predictions and will not be held liable for any .

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